The River Tweed

The River Tweed is renowned as one of the great Scottish Salmon Fishing Rivers.

The Tweed has played an important part in the development of flyfishing for salmon, with much of the tackle and many of the artificial flies used originally developed by Tweed fishermen. It is historic and as magnificent as the wonderful Atlantic Salmon caught in its waters

The River Tweed

The River Tweed is one of the most important Atlantic Salmon rivers. Rising in the Lowther Hills and flowing 97 miles to its estuary at the historic, border town of Berwick upon Tweed. The river is renowned for its game fishing, with superb salmon, sea-trout, brown trout and grayling caught every season. Many of the Tweed’s tributaries offer significant fishing, the Till, Whiteadder, Teviot, Leader and Gala Water being just a few.

The season for salmon fishing is from 1st February to 30th November and there is no fishing for migratory fish on a Sunday.

The Brown Trout fishing on the River Tweed is superb with specimen fish caught regularly. Equally the fishing for Grayling is hard to equal.

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