Salmon Fishing

Renowned for Salmon Fishing the River Tweed is recognised as one of the  great Atlantic Salmon rivers.

Tweedguide specialise in providing guided flyfishing for Atlantic Salmon, providing all that is required for a wonderful experience. 

Salmon Fishing with Tweedguide

Scotland is renowned for Salmon Fishing and the River Tweed is recognised as one of the truly great Atlantic salmon rivers. The tradition of salmon fishing on the River Tweed extends back for centuries and many of the practices, styles and flies used, when fly fishing for salmon, originate on this most lovely of rivers.

The salmon fly fishing season on the River Tweed starts on the 1st February and extends to the 30th November, giving anglers the opportunity to fish for salmon in most seasons. The early part of the season can see ‘springer’ salmon coming into the River Tweed, whilst the latter part of the season, from September to November, is usually the most prolific.

The cost for salmon fishing on the River Tweed, as in other Scottish rivers, varies according to the time of year. Fishing on the River Tweed with Tweedguide places you in the hands of experienced guides who know the water and can tailor your personal experience to suit.

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