Fly Fishing for North American Visitors

Visitors from the USA and Canada love fishing with Tweedguide and we enjoy making their visit memorable.

The history, the customs and methods all add to making fishing on the River Tweed a delight.

North American Visitors

We are pleased to announce that the Covid Restriction has been lifted to allow travel to and from Scotland, and hope that we are nearing the time when we can welcome our American and Canadian friends back to Scotland and the River Tweed for some really amazing fly fishing If you have any queries about fishing here please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be very pleased to help.

The salmon fly fishing season on the River Tweed starts on the 1st February and extends to the 30th November, giving anglers the opportunity to fish for salmon for most of the year. The early part of the season can see ‘springer’ salmon coming into the River Tweed, whilst the latter part of the season, from September to November, is usually the most prolific, with runs of large salmon.

The cost for salmon fishing on the River Tweed, as in other Scottish rivers, varies according to the time of year. Fishing on the River Tweed with Tweedguide places you in the hands of experienced guides who know the water and can tailor your personal experience to suit.

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